St Peters Lutheran Church, Indooroopilly invites you to our Easter weekend services.
Led by Pastor Greg Priebbenow with organist Gregory Mayer and the St Peters Church Choir.

Maundy Thursday 7pm:

A choral Communion Service with music by Gabriel Faur é and Ola Gjello.
Soloists:  Lyndal Bubke and Pieter van der Have.

Good Friday 9am: 

Readings, hymns and reflections on the Passion of Jesus. 
Music by Gabriel Faur é, Paul Hillebrand, J.S. Bach and Arvo Pärt.
Soloists:  Margaret Tesch-Muller, Max Mayer, Amy Cooper and Tricia Elgar.

Easter Sunday 9am: 

A joyous Communion Service with beloved Easter hymns.
Featuring choral music by Graeme Morton and a postlude by Georgi Mushel.