St Peters Indooroopilly Lutheran Church Map

St Peters Lutheran Church Indooroopilly

St Peters congregation has been worshiping in the chapel at St Peters Lutheran college since 1975.

While the congregation (St Peters Lutheran Church) is a separate entity to the college, we have a close relationship and seek to provide complementary ministering services to both the local and college communities.

St Peters is a single preaching point parish. Our worship services use a variety of liturgical orders from traditional to contemporary. Lay people routinely participate in many aspects of our worship services.

Children are encouraged to participate in worship services and regularly do so – processing, reading lessons for the day – and a children’s address is a regular feature of services. Classes from St Peters Junior School also join us from time to time with the children participating in the service.

Music is an important aspect of worship in Lutheran churches worldwide, from congregational singing, choirs and instrumental works. St Peters is no exception and music is highly valued. The St Peters choir sings regularly at worship services during the year as well as for various festivals and special events.

St Peters Lutheran Church (Indooroopilly) is a member of the Lutheran Church of Australia, and part of the Queensland District.