St Peters Lutheran Church highly values children. The safety and welfare of children is an important priority for us, and we aim to provide environments that nurture and care well for them in God’s name. The Lutheran Church of Australia’s Child Safety Standards (see direct and guide us in our behaviours, policies and perspectives concerning children.

Our Child Safety Plan has been developed around the ten standards with annual reviews and updates.

We also have a strong commitment to supporting our children’s ministry volunteers in providing excellent care and support for our children. All those who serve in ministry to children are required to hold a Bluecard and to complete the LCA Safe Church training.

Ethical Behaviour

God created the church to continue his work on earth. The task of the church is to celebrate love and life and to be the vehicle for God’s continued work of bringing love to life in the world. The church lives on the gifts of God – God’s forgiveness, God’s love, God’s own life. In its worship, the church experiences the love of God in words and actions of forgiveness and of empowerment. Infused with the real presence of Jesus Christ, love comes decisively to life every time the people of God gather.

The life of a Christian is a life of faith active in love, empowered by the love of Christ himself. Indeed. we have no other obligation, except to participate in this world transforming gift of God’s love.

Love changes people. The experience of being loved brings with it a kind of newness that brings out the best in us. We become more open to the gifts of life and the needs of others, and we live in a new way, a renewed way. Love brings life.

St Peters church commits to the LCA Standards of Ethical Behaviour (see in:

      our personal behaviour toward one another,

      our pastoral care,

      our care for children and people who are vulnerable,

      our communications, and

      our financial and administrative processes.


Complaints can be lodged with the LCA Professional Standards Department (PSD), using the following contact details: 

Phone – 1800 644 628 (Australia)

Email – 

Mail –
PO Box 519

Mobile phone text message
+61 (0) 438 320 218